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As a parent, you come to know your child’s biggest dreams and aspirations. Why not help them foster their imaginations and goals and inspire them with a travel-themed room? UMade has put together ideas on how to decorate your child’s room with a travel-theme in mind so your little one will be able to play, dream, and plan to travel in their bedroom or play room.


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Utilizing luggage as a furniture accent is an adorable idea that fits right in with the idea of adventuring around the world. We love the upholstered drawers on this dresser that are made to look like old luggage trunks! Being able to choose your own fabrics and finishings will allow you to match any color scheme that you choose. Such a fun DIY activity to really transform your child’s room into a travel-inspired getaway. Other ideas are to use old trunks stacked atop one another as a bedside table or for functional storage.

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What travel-themed room is complete without a world map? UMade customized world maps are made of quality fabric that will withstand the most rambunctious child. The cloth material is perfect for hanging on the wall, and won’t rip! The map comes with colorful pins with safe rubber backing clips so you don’t need a corkboard, and you won’t have to worry about pins falling off. Add your child’s name to the top of the map to really make it special for them.

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If you’ve seemingly run out of wall space but want to add more travel-themed decor, try adding ceiling decals! We love this compass around the light fixture. Another idea for ceiling decals is to add clouds to make your little one feel like they are soaring through the sky, taking off on their next adventure.


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Focusing on a common theme such as air travel like this nursery helps to tie in various elements. We love the DIY custom photo frames and the hanging cloud pillows that are suspended from the ceiling. They really focused on mixing fabrics and prints which works well with the various forms of air transportation such as the old hot air balloon sketches and the airplane artwork.

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If you have one specific destination in mind, you can find fun decor that will transform your child’s room to a magical escape. This London telephone booth door decal is a fun way to bring the joy of London and foreign places into your child’s life.

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Try incorporating various cultural elements and pieces from different eras to add a feeling of worldliness to your little one’s room. These pieces and decorations can let their mind wander and inspire imaginary adventures to embark upon.


Whether your little one has already traveled the world, or if they aspire to, a travel themed bedroom or nursery is the perfect way to keep their imaginations at play and to inspire them to explore more.



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