5 Tips for Traveling on a Budget



“Travel is the only thing you pay for that makes you richer,” - Unknown


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It is true that traveling is often named as one of the most fulfilling activities to partake in. Traveling can be expensive if you don’t take the time to plan for your trip appropriately. We at UMade have compiled a list of 5 tips to help you travel the world without breaking the bank.

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1.Have Flexibility on Travel Dates

This tip is especially useful if you plan on traveling by plane. If you are flexible with your travel dates, you can often find great deals on flights for a fraction of the cost! Cheap flights are easier to find if you can travel on weekdays or if you can find a flight with a generally long or unfavorable layover. Traveling on a budget can be easy if you can plan the trip in advance and scope out the lowest prices for plane tickets.


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2. Pack Lightly

The less you are able to bring with you, the easier and less expensive traveling will be. Airlines often charge for checked baggage. If you are able to pack in a carry-on bag, your luggage costs can be greatly reduced or you won’t have to pay at all! Or try backpacking, because traveling and on-the-go adventures are easier when you can carry everything with you on your back. To pack lightly, choose some key basics and clothing items that you can layer. Neutral colors are the easiest to mix and match. Check out Pinterest for great ideas on how to pack lightly for various travel destinations.

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3. Explore Hostels or Room-Sharing Sites like Airbnb

Hostels are cheap lodging for travelers that can offer special vacation deals on day trips, free drinks, etc. This can be extremely helpful if you’re working with a tight budget. If hostels aren’t your style but you are looking for an inexpensive, immersive experience, check out room-sharing websites and platforms like Airbnb, Homestay.com, or Couchsurfing.com. Rates on these platforms are often cheaper than hotels and you can find beautiful places to stay with locals who can help show you the ropes. If you’re traveling with a big group of people, you can usually find large houses or villas to rent at a low cost when split among the travel party.

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4. Go Sightseeing & Talk to Locals

The best way to learn about another culture and to explore is to go sightseeing! There are many beautiful structures and natural landmarks to see in the world that you can visit without spending money on admission. Rent a vehicle and explore the area, you never know what you’ll find! Ask a local for their recommendations on the best hidden gems in the area. Locals also give great tips about local cuisine and can point out the best restaurants or food carts to try. Befriending someone familiar with the culture and the area is a great learning experience unlike any other!

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5. Take Visa Costs into Consideration

It can be expensive to apply for a traveler’s visa. If you are not prepared, the unexpected expense of a visa may cause you to go over your travel budget. Make sure you do your research ahead of time and figure out if you will need a visa before leaving the country or upon arrival. If you don’t want the added stress, look up places you can travel without requiring a visa! Places like Bali allow visa exemption for up to 140 countries.

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Hopefully these travel tips help you plan your next adventure while staying within budget. Happy travels and safe adventuring!

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