Three Places You Can Have Breakfast With Giraffes



The holidays are nigh. This is the perfect time to start planning. Probably you have done the same things over the years. I challenge you to be a little creative and adventurous for your holiday this time round. One suggestion I could offer is to get a little wild and get in tune with nature. How do you fancy a Christmas trip or New Year 2018 trip to have some fun with giraffes?


Photo: Giraffe Manor


Giraffes are beautiful creatures. I love their graceful nature, long lashes, amazing spots and elongated sophisticated necks. They are some awesomeness in how they pick leaves for their food, chew with a lot grace while simultaneously looking over all other creations- animals, trees, people- with an attitude. Giraffes are mainly found in the tropics so you may have to plan your vacations around these regions. In my opinion vacations are meant to stretch your wings and travel around the world to new places. This broadens your mind as you get to interact with new people, different cultures and gain new experiences. One new experience you should have in your bucket list is…wait for it…breakfast with giraffes! How awesome is this.

Where can you do this? Here are three places you can have with giraffes:


Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya


Photo: Giraffe Manor


Established in the early 1930’s, Giraffe Manor offers a unique experience with giraffes. This manor is housed in a sanctuary for endangered Rothschild giraffes and is located in Karen- a leafy suburb on the outskirts of Nairobi. It has a Scottish feel and has an interesting history. Here you get to see and possibly interact with herds of these beautiful animals.


Photo: Instagram/ @travelphotobloggers


What better way to have a close look at and interact with them than at breakfast time. As they go about their business, the giraffes often will come to your breakfast table to request for food through the large bay windows. They simply stick out their elongated necks hoping you will do them the honors. Additionally, the Giraffe Manor offers finger licking gourmet meals and an assortment of accommodation to choose from.


Photo: Instagram/ @gypsea_lust


Photo: Giraffe Manor


Photo: Instagram/ @traveljunkiediary


Photo: Giraffe Manor



Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Australia


Photo: Jamala Wildlife Lodge


Next time you travel to Australia, remember to pay a visit to Jamala Wildlife Lodge. Located in the National Zoo and Aquarium, Canberra 2611, Australia, this lounge boasts of 6-8 stairs Giraffe Treehouses where you can feed giraffes from your balcony. This indeed offers once in a lifetime experience to get up close and personal with the gentle, beautiful giants of the savanna.


Photo: Jamala Wildlife Lodge


Photo: Instagram/ @ji.ze Lodge



San Antonio Zoo, Texas


Photo: Instagram/ @joyfullyjulie


This Zoo now offers guests an exclusive weekly experience with giraffes. For $25 adults and $20 children, you get to enjoy delicious all-you-can-eat breakfast with your family while feeding the gentle giants. An additional private feeding session is also offered. Each person is provided with three lettuce pieces to feed the animals. Get to learn more about giraffes from an Animal Care Specialist and takes loads of pictures for lasting memories.

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