Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Travelers


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Buying gifts for your significant other is difficult, and when it comes time to buy them an anniversary present, this is especially true. Anniversary gifts can be so hard to find because you want to get them something that reflects your relationship and your goals together, while still being thoughtful and something that they will actually enjoy.


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If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas for someone who loves to travel, UMade has you covered! Here are some thoughtful anniversary gifts for travelers that your world explorer will be sure to love.

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1. UMade Personalized World Map

UMade personalized world maps make the perfect gift for travelers. These tapestries are a much nicer alternative to scratch-off maps or posters because they hang easily and are made of durable fabric that is easy to move and take with you on any adventure! UMade allows you to customize the map with a saying of your choice. You can put their name on it, both of your names, or leave it simple to read, “Our World Map.” Your traveler will appreciate being able to pin your adventures together - no corkboard required - with the pins and backing clips. This is a great way to show where you have been and plan for where you will be going together in the future. You can even add another custom line of text below the title and add a sweet message.


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2. A Weekend Getaway

If they really do love to travel, take them on a trip! A weekend away is the perfect anniversary gift. Head to an amusement park, the beach, the city, the mountains, or wherever your heart desires. Bonus points if you can plan a trip to somewhere they’ve been dying to go! This is a great way to fulfill their love of traveling while also creating memories together. They’ll appreciate the time you spent planning the trip and various activities - not to mention the alone time you’ll have together to celebrate your relationship.

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3. DJI Spark Mini Drone

Traveling the world takes you to so many beautiful and breathtaking places, and it’s hard to document the true beauty that we see and experience from only our vantage point on the ground. The DJI Spark Mini is compact and easy to pack for any trip. The drone is able to be operated through hand gestures and motions as well as through your smartphone - no heavy equipment required! The DJI Spark Mini is perfect for capturing your memories together for years to come. Your significant other will be excited to test it out and capture videos and photos of all of your adventures.

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4. Photo Book of Your Travels Together

If it seems like you’ve been everywhere together, document your travels in a photo book! You can choose to make your own with polaroids or printed photos, or use websites like Shutterfly, Mixbook, or Blurb to compile your photos and tales of your adventures into a printed book to enjoy together. Adding in your favorite memories adds sentimental value that your significant other will cherish. You can always include some blank pages for more travel memories yet to come!

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Hopefully, these ideas will help you find the perfect gift for your significant other. Remember to celebrate the time you have spent together and to enjoy your anniversary!


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