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Travel Themed Children's Room 0


As a parent, you come to know your child’s biggest dreams and aspirations. Why not help them foster their imaginations and goals and inspire them with a travel-themed room? UMade has put together ideas on how to decorate your child’s room with a travel-theme in mind so your little one will be able to play, dream, and plan to travel in their bedroom or play room.

How to Showcase Travels in Your Home 0


Although there are many beautiful places to see in the world, there is still no place like home. If you are an avid traveler, it can be difficult to showcase your adventures and how much they mean to you within your living space. Here are 5 ideas on how to showcase your travels and display souvenirs in your home.

UMap, Your Journey, Your World Map. 0


A world map that covers half the wall is an awesome decoration that everyone will notice and want to talk about.