Christmas Gifts for Someone Special



When it comes time to buy someone important a gift, suddenly our minds draw a blank. As the panic sets in, finding the perfect gift for your special someone gets harder and harder. Luckily, there are a wide variety of gifts that fit just about every personality, and will continue to give passed the holiday cheer. Think about that person and you’re sure to find the perfect gift that compliments their passions.


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If they love music – Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Photo: Apple


If your special someone loves music, then they’ll certainly appreciate a way of bringing it everywhere they go! Whether it’s the shower, or the beach, having a speaker that’s both portable and waterproof will ensure that their toons are safe and transportable. With a variety of colors to choose from, this speaker is sure to impress and delight your musician.



If they love to travel – Umade Personalized World Map


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This is a great gift for everyone, regardless of the stage of life they’re in. It’s perfect for students starting to travel, or for newlyweds about to explore the world—even older giftees will love recording all the places they’ve been.


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Not only can you have it personalized for each person (a great touch), but it comes with wall-friendly 3M hooks for hanging the quality map. It also comes with pins and backing (no need for cork board), so they can open it Christmas day and begin marking all the places they’ve been.


Photo: UMade


Photo: UMade



If they love the spa – Spa Kit




For someone who desperately needs a trip to the spa, or has been talking about that relaxing get away for months—give them the gift of self-care from home! A spa kit not only brings the pampering of a spa to them, but it also ensures that they will finally get that moment of peace they so desperately deserve without having to compromise on all the other things going on in their lives. Unlike a gift card, this gift won’t expire!


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If they love decorating – Shining Stars String Lights


Photo: UMade


For those friends who are happiest when they’re decorating their home in unique ways, these lights will dazzle and delight them.


Photo: UMade


The variety of ways that they can be used are limitless and fits every mood as well as every season. They can make any space look magical and classy, as well mystical and special—this is a gift that’s bound to please!


Photo: UMade


Photo: UMade



If they love their pets – Personalized Dog/Cat Pillow


Photo: Ronda J Smith


There’s nothing better for a pet lover than receiving something so personal and so meaningful as a pillow that looks like their favorite furry friend. Ask for their favorite photo of their little guy and surprise them with this one of a kind gift that will mean the world to them! This is especially great for anyone who travels often and finds themselves missing their favorite furbaby.


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