5 Foolproof Ways to Pack in a Carry-On Bag



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Packing in a carry-on helps you skip the lines at the baggage claim, keeps your important items with you at all times, and can be necessary to cut down on checked baggage costs. When preparing for travel, packing always seems to be the most dreaded task. It’s always put off until the last minute, or you are unsure what to bring which causes you to overpack. Stress no more! We at UMade have come up with our top 5 tips on packing everything you need in a carry-on for your next adventure.

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1. Stick to one color palette

It is common knowledge that when you’re only bringing a carry-on you’ll want to pack as light as possible. One of the ways to do this is by cutting down on the number of clothes that you bring. To make sure that you can easily mix and match outfits, try sticking to one color palette or bringing a solid collection of neutrals. Bring solid staple pieces like sweaters or jackets that you can match with various undershirts or dresses for an entirely new look.

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2. Roll your clothes

Whenever I need to maximize space in my luggage, I take the time to roll all of my clothing articles. Not only does this help to fit as much as possible, but it also helps to avoid wrinkles! Another added bonus is that it makes it much easier to see all of the clothing items you packed.

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3. Choose your “personal item” wisely

I try to bring a large, but comfortable bag with me as my personal item when I’m traveling with a carry-on as my only item of luggage. Typically this means bringing a large, soft backpack that won’t bother me to carry for prolonged periods of time while waiting in line at the airport or for the train. I once made the mistake of bringing a bag with only one shoulder strap - NOT comfortable. Making sure that it is of a durable and soft material will ensure that it fits and molds to fit under the seat in front of you, meeting all airline requirements.

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4. Comfortable fashion

The most important part of your apparel choices comes down to what’s on or beneath your feet - your shoes. Make sure you have a good general understanding of what your trip will require of you. If you are going to a wedding, make sure you have room for your dressy shoes. If you are going sightseeing, make sure you pack comfortable, not fashion-less shoes. Fashionable does not always mean comfortable, as comfortable does not always mean fashionable. Find a good in between and make sure that you can wear each pair of shoes you bring with more than one outfit choice. (Unless you have a special occasion)


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5. Wait to buy hygienic products

Unless you really can’t live without your specialized hygiene product, sometimes it’s best to wait and buy them at your destination. You can save a lot of space for more necessary essentials in the 3-1-1 bag rule such as your day to day makeup, lotions, or contact solution if you don’t try to stuff in shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste into the mix. If you have room, by all means, bring it! But understand that sometimes it is cheaper to purchase the items at your final destination rather than paying for a checked bag at the airport.


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By following our 5 tips, you’ll be able to pack in a carry-on in no time! Remember that it’s OKAY to wear certain items over again and that the important thing to focus on is your travel adventure and journey - not what you’re wearing. Safe travels!



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