4 Essentials to Survive any Road Trip



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Traveling across highways and passing through various states or countries on a road trip can be a rite of passage or an embarkment upon a wonderful travel journey. If you’re planning on hitting the road soon, UMade has a list of road trip essentials that will hopefully make your next journey an easy and enjoyable one.

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1. A specially curated playlist or mixtape

Whether you’re traveling with friends, or by yourself, no road trip would be complete without an amazing playlist of music to jam out to on those long stretches of highway. Having good music pumping will help you feel energized and can be valuable entertainment when you’re looking for something to keep you occupied. Whether it’s that new album that you’ve been dying to listen to or your favorite oldies, music will be a key factor in your road trip experience.

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2. A list of interesting places to stop along the way

No matter how spontaneous you might be, planning ahead of the road trip allows you to find special places to stop, and ensures that you won’t miss out on a hidden gem along the way! Do some research - plan your route ahead of time and scope out some attractions that pique your interest. Stopping at the ‘World’s Largest Truck Stop’ in Iowa, or pulling off to 7 Magic Mountains will add memories to your trip and will keep you engaged no matter how long your adventure may be. 

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 3. Water

I cannot stress to you enough the importance of staying hydrated! Finding a large jug of water with a drinking cap to fill up before you embark will help make sure that you stay healthy and hydrated through your entire journey. Keep your water bottle/jug full and try to find a place to refill it at every stop. This also helps to save money and reduce plastic waste from buying water or other beverages when you stop along the way.

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4. Camera

What’s a road trip without a camera to document all of your memories? Whether you bring along your smartphone or bring your fully-equipped camera, you will want to have something to help you remember these moments for years to come. Snapping photos can also be a fantastic source of laughter and entertainment for your journey.

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Road trips can be an amazing experience whether you travel solo, or with a group of friends. No matter where your travels take you, enjoy the ride! After all, the journey is the reward.


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