5 Tips for Traveling on a Budget 0

“Travel is the only thing you pay for that makes you richer,” - Unknown. We at UMade have compiled a list of 5 tips to help you travel the world on a budget. Complete with tips on how to find cheap flights, how to pack lightly for travel, planning a vacation on a budget, and where to stay during your travels.

3 Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries to Visit in Thailand 0

Thailand has many places throughout the country where visitors can have up-close encounters with elephants! Find out three ethical elephant sanctuaries to visit and learn why you should never ride an elephant.

UMade World Map|Reviewed by Another Day Another City 0

I was super excited when I discovered UMade Maps. I had been given a scratch off map, but the paper just didn’t last. Every time I moved it. It would wrinkle or tear. The UMade map is made from a high quality fabric -not the normal paper or cork maps you see. I absolutely LOVE this map!

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Christmas Gifts for Someone Special 0

When it comes time to buy someone important a gift, suddenly our minds draw a blank. Luckily, there are a wide variety of gifts that fit just about every personality, and will continue to give passed the holiday cheer.

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Three Places You Can Have Breakfast With Giraffes 0

The holidays are nigh. This is the perfect time to start planning. Let's be a little creative and adventurous for your holiday this time round. How do you fancy a Christmas trip or New Year 2018 trip to have some fun with giraffes?

UMap, Your Journey, Your World Map. 0

A world map that covers half the wall is an awesome decoration that everyone will notice and want to talk about.