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It’s that time of year again for teachers to start thinking about how to decorate their classroom! Classroom themes can be helpful to tie in an overall thinking methodology or to leave a lasting message and impact on your students. A travel-themed classroom is a perfect way to foster diversity and cultural knowledge. Here are some UMade approved travel-themed decorating ideas for your classroom!

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Photo: UMade

Keeping the idea of travel in mind - a customized world map would be the perfect addition to any classroom! These UMade world maps allow you to personalize your map featuring your class name or to add your favorite quote. Made of durable tapestry fabric, these maps will last through many lessons taught and through years of use. You can easily fold it up for storage without worrying about wrinkles or tears like a normal paper map. Another great feature are the colorful pins with soft rubber backings - no cork board needed and a nice safety feature when you’re teaching energetic children.

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Taking inspiration from this book fair - featuring stories from around the world or books written with adventure in mind can create a lovely corner for you to inspire your students! Draw your own versions of famous landmarks and laminate them to create a truly unique space for your classroom and to tie into books you want to encourage them to get their hands on.

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Finding old nostalgic travel pieces such as these trunks and suitcases are a fun way to add a vintage feel to your classroom. This is perfect for featuring historical fiction stories or even just as decoration to add to the travel-theme you are aiming for.

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If your classroom space is a creative escape, go crazy with it! Your students will love the transformation of a portion of their classroom into an airplane escape. Using classroom furniture and colored paper, you can easily turn your space into an in-air space to spark their creativity and imagination.


As a teacher, you help shape the minds of today’s youth. Your classroom is a place for you to help inspire your students and to help them grow - and a travel theme is an amazing way to accomplish this!

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U Map。World Map - Navy Blue

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U Map。World Map - Navy Blue