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Excellent service & product

No words can describe how excited I am in counting down the arrival of the parcel. The map was prefect and great as expected. Staff was friendly and professional in communication. I follow umade for many years but able to get 2 world maps recently as a gift for friends. The next will be mine. Hope it will not be too long. Great job UMADE!

Extra Special Wedding Signature Cloth

A couple of years ago, my girlfriend bought this map for us to track how many places we have visited together as a couple. We love it so much that we decided to buy a new one to use as our wedding signature cloth. This new one comes with a custom touch, which we removed all country names and added a line (with a heart shape) connecting the two cities we are from. (As you might already guess it, we have a long distance relationship.) The team was very accommodating and happy to work with us to create this custom map. We really love the final product. Thank you very much!

Color Customization (Country/State)

Awesome for the gift

I made a customized world map as a Christmas gift, it’s very good. Highly recommended it.

✨NEW COLOR✨U Map。World Map - Space Gray